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Australia is home to a multitude of cultures and nationalities. It is a bright and vibrant nation with an endless array of natural beauty and splendor. Australian history boasts a colorful timeline of international migration. Migrants from across the globe have relocated here for a multitude of reasons, some of those reasons are not as happy as others. Refugees flee their homeland in desperate attempts to protect themselves and their children. Children of migrant and refugee families often have difficulties settling in to new and unfamiliar communities. Language barriers and cultural differences can make assimilation challenging. Teenagers often struggle to make new friends in new schools and can sometimes find themselves in a marginalised group. These marginalised groups are often the victim to racism and other forms of anti-social victimisation. Teens can lash out at parents, family members and figures of authority, often making their situation worse. Refugee and migrant parents struggle with dealing with difficult teens and often have no support as family and familiar community ties are so far away. Studies have shown that divorce rates amongst migrant families are at approximately 75%. Family separation and single parenting are risk factors for teens especially migrants teens for a criminogenic pathway. As Labelling Theory would predict; once a teen has a label of being a delinquent they are more likely to engage in a self fulfilling prophecy. Interventions are more successful when implemented early. 

You are not alone! We are there to help, As an immigrant myself, I understand the challenges of trying to raise children with almost not support network and across cultural differences. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual, it is a continuous learning experience with many curve balls thrown at you. We are here to help steer your youngster in a better direction, correct that pathway so to speak and help re-set that moral compass.

We offer safe non-judgemental support for teens and parents who are struggling.

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